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les bleu

kylian mbappe c/o afp As we head into the semi-finals of this year’s World Cup, I thought another post on the game was warranted. I stumbled upon this following video explaining why France has developed the most players at the World Cup this year. A total of fifty players who grew up in France are […]

fermi paradox

earth c/o the voyager spacecraft This post will be a departure from the normal reflections or expression. As I approach my thirty-first orbit around the sun, existential questions is never to far from my mind. Why we are here on Earth or even if we are alone in this vast universe. One popular theory on […]


I first discovered Jacquemus when noticing the sense of style of the label’s owner and creative director, Simon Porte Jacquemus. At that time, he was showcasing his new season of womenswear “La Bomba”. His creations and shows are quite different from other fashion labels, presenting a sense of elegant louche. But the thing that caught […]


Music is a potent vehicle for expression and portrayal. Combine music with video and you get a powerful tool for conveying an idea too great for words. One brilliant example which I featured not too long ago was Childish Gambino with the provocative “This is America” music video. Now, we have a new music video from […]

the greatest show on earth

The greatest show on Earth has begun, this edition taking place in Russia.  To mark this event that come once every four years, here’s a short video celebrating hard work and one of the game’s brightest players. Enjoy the World Cup, no matter who you support ya’ll!   #the100dayproject 070/100

history of japan

tokyo c/o chuen seng teoh I am what you would call a Japanophile, a lover of all things Japanese. It is quite strange how this all come about as my first trip to Japan was only when I turned sixteen but I clearly remember being fascinated by Japan since a young child. I love the […]


noctilux 0.95 sampler c/o chuen seng teoh Light is one of nature’s wonders that is an integral part of our daily lives, so common yet so mysterious. My relationship with light is mostly through photography, the act of painting with light. As humanity grew through time, light grew together with us, taking on various forms. […]