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woman in paris c/o chuen seng teoh “Women are simply the most fascinating of our species.” – Ben Tsui Women play a big role in my life. I grew up always surrounded by women. From my mum and grandma to my sisters and many aunts who each played a part in raising me. I would […]

fear setting

kuala lumpur c/o chuen seng teoh Fear is a strong, often debilitating emotion. It can cloud judgement. It can make you make irrational decisions. Sometimes, it consumes to a point where the origin of the fear is forgotten or unknown. No bueno. One exercise that I’ve learnt and use quite often to counter the effects […]

Poetry Tuesday – sunflowers

sunflowers c/o the sun and her flowers, rupi kaur I picked today’s poem from a new book by Rupi Kaur at random. By pure coincidence, as if orchestrated by invisible hands of the universe, I couldn’t have possible found anything more apt to follow yesterday’s post on memento mori. On remembering one’s mortality and using […]

memento mori

memento mori c/o dailystoic.com “Remember that you too will die”. Memento mori is one of my favorite quote. It is a practice of reflection on one’s mortality, something that I do regularly. The point is not to be morbid but as a reminder of the transient nature of life, that nothing is permanent. It is […]

cool tool – brave

vcr kl c/o chuen seng teoh The internet is the great frontier, enabler of dreams with endless possibilities. At the same time, it is also a wild place where many invisible dangers lurk. Unfortunately, it is really easy to take the convenience of the internet for granted and forget what they are exposed to. If […]

tail end

mt. fuji c/o chuen seng teoh As I pass the seventieth post mark, my thoughts are with time once more. How time flies and how our life is long if only we know how to use it rightly.. A favorite article that I like to revisit is “The Tail End” by Tim Urban. If you […]

the greatest show on earth

The greatest show on Earth has begun, this edition taking place in Russia.  To mark this event that come once every four years, here’s a short video celebrating hard work and one of the game’s brightest players. Enjoy the World Cup, no matter who you support ya’ll!   #the100dayproject 070/100