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tokyo c/o chuen seng teoh “Think not you can direct the course of love, for love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course.” – Kahlil Gibran #the100dayproject 099/100

family death

There was a death in the family today. Recent blog posts has touched on the topic of life and death but I promise it wasn’t by design and I surely did not intend to be morbid. Life, and death just happens you see. I am reminded of this quote from Seneca. “The greatest obstacle to […]

irony that is life

 c/o scene360 I read the following passage from Daily Stoic and found it a poignant reminder how easy it is to get too carried away by one’s ideals. Sometimes, all we need is really to chill the fuck out and lend a helping hand. Here’s the passage: Pagan Kennedy has a wonderful piece in the New York Times about […]

yes lawd!

c/o anderson .paak Anderson .Paak and The Free Nationals have been my favorite bands in recent memory. Their sound, a mix of sleek grooves, strong beats, smooth rhythms and energetic vocals, is uniquely theirs and is refreshing compared to the other songs that I normally hear on the charts. Yesterday, I had the chance to […]

Poetry Tuesday – happy birthday Oliver

oliver sacks c/o bill hayes FOR OLIVER’S BIRTHDAY, 1997 by Stephen Jay Gould This man, who’s in love with a cycad But once could have stared in bike ad King of multidiversity Hip! Happy birth-i-day You exceed what old Freud, past head psych, had. One legg’d, migrained, color blinded Awak’ning on Mars, and hat-minded Oliver […]

on falling in love

john steinbeck  I read this letter by John Steinbeck to his son Thom over at Brain Pickings and could very much relate to the feelings of young Thom. Which made his advice so relatable. Bold sentences are my favourite. May this guide you in some way, in your own journey in finding love. New York […]

mind blending

Sunday’s are for sharing. And today I would like to share a some photos by Justin Peters who makes incredible photographs blending two seemingly scenes into one. All photos c/o justin peters. Have a great Sunday all! #the100dayproject 093/100