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Fashion killa

c/o chuen seng teoh “Clothes make a man. Naked people have little or no influence on society”. – Mark Twain If you told my thirteen year old self that one day I would own more than ten pairs of shoes, at one time, I’d say you’re crazy! As a child, I fondly remember relying on […]

Thinking 10x

c/o chuen seng teoh “Perspective shifts will unlock more than smartness will.” – Astro Teller One of my favorite topic to think about is the art of thinking. It is a powerful act after all. A person’s life condition is heavily influenced by how and what he thinks. I am always intrigue by the thought […]

Creative Life

averøy c/o chuen seng teoh Something magical happens when creativity is expressed. It gives birth to incredible architecture, emotional art, moving sounds, cosmic expressions, breathtaking science. The list goes on. It is in the very core of us as human beings to create but where does it all come from? With access to modern tools […]


zug c/o chuen seng teoh Time. A concept developed by humankind to gain a sense of reference to daily happenings. An illusion of being in this space. Time. We are enslave by it. We are strengthen by it. Time. Is absolute. Is relative. TIme. Again, time.   23:45 #the100dayproject 040/100

Reflections – 14.05.2018

c/o chuen seng teoh “First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.” – Epictetus Writing this post reaffirms my thoughts on how a bit of work each day will eventually grow into something substantial. By making a promise to myself and committing to it no matter what, […]

Vinyl music

c/o chuen seng teoh Today, we live in an age of infinite music streaming where we have access to the world’s audio library at our finger tips. This was what we all dreamt of, to have music where ever you go, in the palm of your hands. Discovery of new sounds and music became a […]