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Poetry Tuesday – happy birthday Oliver

oliver sacks c/o bill hayes FOR OLIVER’S BIRTHDAY, 1997 by Stephen Jay Gould This man, who’s in love with a cycad But once could have stared in bike ad King of multidiversity Hip! Happy birth-i-day You exceed what old Freud, past head psych, had. One legg’d, migrained, color blinded Awak’ning on Mars, and hat-minded Oliver […]

Poetry Tuesday – Hunger

hunger c/o florence + the machine Songs are often poetry sung. One of my current favourite is Hunger by Florence + the Machine. Enjoy this poem, written to be sung but just as good when read. Hunger by Florence Welch, Emile Haynie, Thomas Bartlett and Tobias Jesso Jr. At seventeen, I started to starve myself […]

Poetry Tuesday – success

c/o milk and honey, rupi kaur This poem today embodies what success means to me, in a simple and beautiful prose. A useful reminder when reflecting on the bigger picture and end goal. from milk and honey by rupi kaur of course i want to be successful but i don’t crave success for me i […]

Poetry Tuesday – sunflowers

sunflowers c/o the sun and her flowers, rupi kaur I picked today’s poem from a new book by Rupi Kaur at random. By pure coincidence, as if orchestrated by invisible hands of the universe, I couldn’t have possible found anything more apt to follow yesterday’s post on memento mori. On remembering one’s mortality and using […]

Poetry Tuesday – A Brave and Startling Truth

copenhagen c/o chuen seng teoh Enjoy this beautifully written poem written by Maya Angelou and read by Janna Levin on being, humanity, hope and truth.   A Brave and Startling Truth by Maya Angelou We, this people, on a small and lonely planet Traveling through casual space Past aloof stars, across the way of indifferent […]

Poetry Tuesday – Singularity

aurora borealis, stokkvagen c/o chuen seng teoh Today’s poem is a masterclass expression of science through art. Through this poem, I discovered the poet Marie Howe. As I learnt, she is a considered poet, known to have worked on a poem for a decade before releasing it to the world. This particular poem is an […]