the 100 day project

L1003241hakone sunset c/o chuen seng teoh

One hundred is not a huge number. You can count to one hundred quite quickly if you concentrate and speak very quickly. A commitment to do something for one hundred days however can be quite intimidating. In aiming for perfection and for fear of failing, we usually prefer not to start instead.

The 100 day project isn’t new. I first saw it a few years ago when it introduced to it by Elle Luna on instagram, encouraging people to one hundred days of creativity and creation. I finally took the plunge and did it this year. So here we are on post number one hundred.

It has been a great experience doing this, creatively exciting and at times extremely stressful when life happens. To be able to stick to this promise to myself to make a post each day feels fulfilling and gives me confidence in my ability to achieve what I set out to do when I put my mind into it.

What’s next? Serendipitously, my family is arriving tonight in Europe for a two week vacation so I will probably not post daily for the next couple of weeks. I also do intend to write more long form post and share some of my other creative endeavours. Incidentally, I’ve also written on the last page of my daily journal today which I started doing in January this year. How things just coincides with each other some times.

Thank you for following and reading this blog. I look forward to continue sharing my work with you. Until the next post, have a good day and hope this inspires your own journey, in any way at all.

With gratitude and love.

#the100dayproject 0100/100

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