isle of dogs

screen-shot-2018-02-05-at-2-45-42-pm.pngc/o isle of dogs

Wes Anderson films are my favourite and I try to see everything that he creates. The unusual and whimsical style of the movies he makes are such a delight to watch. Isle of Dogs is his latest creation, a stop-motion animation painstakingly created in incredible detail which I had the chance to watch it recently.

Isle of Dogs tells the story of a boy in search for his dog who was exiled from the city of Megasaki, along with other dogs, for an infectious disease that threatens humanity. The plot is simple but the execution of the story telling is what makes a Wes Anderson film such a joy to watch.

Along with the style of the cinematography and story-telling, Wes regularly works with a cast of talented actors of a certain type who are whimsical in their own right. Some recurring actors featured in this film are Tilda Swinton, Edward Norton, Jeff Goldblum and Bill Murray. Watch below as the cast do an interview whilst in character. Brilliant stuff!

If you get the chance to, I highly recommend checking out this film. I promise it will make your day better after.

Schönen Mittwoch!

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