lakers x lebron

lebron-james-lakers.jpeglebron james c/o nba

Basketball was and always has been my first love. And there was no other team that played like the Lakers at their peak. It was heartbreaking to watch when the basketball dynasty that I grew up with ended without continuity. Along came the other teams that stole the show whilst we struggled to rebuild after Shaq and Kobe. Purple and gold never looked the same for the longest time.

All that’s set to change now.

I woke up to news that LeBron James has now signed a four-year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, entering the next phase of his career in pursuit of the title G.O.A.T. Whilst it was exciting to watch NBA matches, it was never quite the same as watching the Lakers play well, pursuing greatness.

Time is finally ripe now to bring Showtime back to LA. And I can’t wait!

#the100dayproject 087/100

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