living in zürich

zürich c/o chuen seng teoh

Before spending this weekend, I usually passed through Zürich on transit many times. A few notable things from before is how things work quite well around here. Like the convenient and punctual transport system, general cleanliness and the sense of feeling safe when out and about. Not to mention how things are generally more expensive as well! That was what the Swiss is all about, wasn’t it?

Zürich regularly appears on the list of best places to live and I didn’t quite get that. How does Zürich compare to other places like Tokor or Copenhagen, two cities I’ve been fortunate to visit a few times and fell in love with.

Well, things changed a bit after my time in Zürich this week.

I think I am starting to get why Zürich is rated as one of the best place to live. In the summer heat, Lake Zürich with her wonderful and refreshing water from the alps is just around the corner. I had my first dip in the lake and could instantly see myself doing this daily. Work is either a short tram or bike ride away. Friends can gather at the many public open spaces to laugh and bond into the late night without fear of their safety. The equality offered to the diverse culture living there is amazing. And there is certainly no shortage of museums and art performances to satisfy one’s thirst for art and culture. I could go on.

I suddenly find now Zürich on my list of favourite cities, to visit, to play and perhaps to live in one day. I will be back again, definitely. Until next time Zürich.

#the100dayproject 086/100

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