daily journal entry 28.06.2018 c/o chuen seng teoh

It is an interesting exercise, to see how long I can go without the urge to check the news, or my social feed or my email. It is a practice of willpower and choice, of awareness. To avoid habits of default actions that are compulsions with negative impact in the long run.

The human being in us is being chiseled away, one social feed check at a time. Before you know it, one is surrounded by an ocean of people, all with their heads down gazing into their “window to the world”. All whilet the world right in front is entirely missed.

And when you’re the only one looking up, despite being surrounded by people all over, you are never more alone at that moment. Now that is a dystopian future worth considering and we’re right on course.

Look up, once in a while. Look up, often.

Open up to the world and let her embrace fill you with the fullness of life. Only then can we be truly alive, and be truly human.

#the100dayproject 083/100

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