on boredom

M2405796colmar c/o chuen seng teoh

People today seem, in general,  to be averse to or afraid of boredom. When in a public space, look around and it is easy to find someone hunched over their phones, scrolling endlessly while possibly waiting for a friend. The same can be seen during commute using public transportation.

At a restaurant, when told to wait five minutes while the table is prepared, it has become an instinct to reach into the pocket and pull out the phone to check on something, often times on nothing. It has become an epidemic of sorts, where we are enslaved by this never-ending craving for stimulation.

Workaholics and over-achievers would always be seeking for the next opportunity or task to be completed. Any idle time is wasted sacrilege. Busyness is a hard earned badge of honour for parading to people who don’t matter.

Sometimes, I catch myself in the act as well and have had to try hard to fight it. The fact of the matter is by constantly being stimulated by an activity or content, we are shutting out our own selves and our immediate environment.

Instead of constantly craving to be entertained or stimulated or anxious to be accomplished, we ought to, once in a while, just let our lives fill with quietness and be in the moment. To be alive, to feel life. It is imperative for our humanity.

bp - quiet stream.jpeg
Maurice Sendak, ‘Open House for Butterflies’ c/o Ruth Krauss

#the100dayproject 078/100

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