fear setting

kuala lumpur c/o chuen seng teoh

Fear is a strong, often debilitating emotion. It can cloud judgement. It can make you make irrational decisions. Sometimes, it consumes to a point where the origin of the fear is forgotten or unknown. No bueno.

One exercise that I’ve learnt and use quite often to counter the effects of fear is the fear setting exercise. Using this exercise, I learn to dig deep and be honest of my fears, and in the end be comforted by the fact that there is always something that I can do to alleviate any situation that I am fearing. This in turns clears my mind and gives me courage to take action or make a decision that I ‘fear’.

In the following short video, watch Tim Ferriss describe the exercise and how he uses it to free himself to take action. Enjoy.

#the100dayproject 075/100

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