super saiyan

son goku ss.pngsuper saiyan goku

As a child, my hero was Son Goku from a Japanese anime Dragon Ball. He was originally from an alien planet but due to circumstances, was sent to Earth as a baby. One thing that stuck with me till this day is Goku’s sense of fun for adventure and when met with strong adversaries, isn’t afraid of training super hard to obtain strength in order to protect his loved ones and the people of Earth.

He is usually successful in fighting off the enemies that threaten to destroy Earth but ever so often, an enemy that is many times stronger than he was would appear. In desperate situation, his grit and resilience eventually unlocks a hidden ability known as super saiyan, a trait natural to his kind. In this mode, he exceeds his limitation, gaining enormous strength and supreme fighting abilities.

I am glad that this cross my mind today, a gem from my childhood. On how when faced with difficulty in life, one always has the option to dig deeper and find unimaginable strength any challenges.

When life’s challenges threatens to keep you down, always remember that you can go super saiyan on it!



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