mo i rana c/o chuen seng teoh

It finally feels like summer is here on Rügen island. Prior to living abroad, I never understood why summer was such a big deal. In Malaysia, we get warm weather all year round and I would normally wish that it’d be cooler!

One experience that sticks with me is while at university, we would get exchange students from the main campus in the UK spend a couple of semester at our campus in Malaysia. While I tried my best to keep out of the midday sun and not break a sweat, the students from UK took chairs and sat out hanging in the sun. I thought they’re crazy for doing that.

Fast forward a few years later during my first experience living in winter in northern Norway, I felt pure joy just having the sun hit my face as we neared spring. As summer came round, I found myself doing the same as the UK students have done, grabbing a chair and sitting out in the sun whenever it’s out. I could finally empathize.

Living by the coast now, I look forward to spending more time on the beach. I enjoy soaking up the sun rays with a good book, listening to the sound of the waves crashing to shore and the laughter of people having fun on the beach, the taste of sea in the air. There’s just nothing quite like it.


#the100dayproject 065/100

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