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impossible burger.jpgc/o impossible foods

There are various reasons why people abstain from eating meat. Some do it for their health, some for ethical reasons. In my post about vegan, I wrote about how animal farming is even more harmful compared to our use of fossil fuel for energy production. This has really got me to think and to take a hard look at my meat eating habits. I want to do my part for the environment and it is time that my actions reflect my speech. The natural option is to eat a vegan diet but what’s a meat loving guy to do?

On that front, some companies have been using the latest technology at our disposal to develop meat alternatives. Two companies I have piqued my interest recently are Impossible Foods and Memphis Meats, both sharing the same mission albeit using different approach.

The team at Impossible Foods have developed the Impossible Burger, a patty made entirely from plants. What differentiates their burger patty from others is that they’ve perfected their formula to make their patty look and taste like burger patties made from meat. You’d grill it as you normally would a meat patty and when you’re eating, juices oozes from the burger. I won’t go too much into the technical details on how they manage this but I would definitely like to try it one day myself.

memphis fried chicken.pngc/o memphis meats

Meanwhile, Memphis Meats “grow” actual meat protein in their lab. When eating their creation, instead of eating a plant substitute, you’d be eating actual meat protein which is produced by cultivating high-quality cells from animals and replicating the growth process in the lab. No animals are killed and you’d get a piece of meat that’s exactly as you want it to be (wagyu beef anyone?). This is also very interesting to me and if safe, would definitely be my preferred option to go!

The future of meat is near and it will no longer involve farming and killing animals. The effects from this change can only be positive. It can not arrive soon enough.


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