Tony; 1956 – 2018

bourdain-found-dead-paris-chef-2018-3053b864-1eec-432f-8a08-8347ea1ad7c4.jpganthony bourdain c/o zuma press

He fell gently, the way a tree falls. There wasn’t even a sound…

the little prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The world lost a curious soul today. One who shared his curiosity with the world, using food as a medium to explore diverse culture. His demeanor puts people at ease to share their lives with him as he passes through. He brought wonder and the joy of adventure to the world through his unique brand of endearing storytelling.

Might it follow then that we shouldn’t aspire to live always by sensible choices? That what is good for us in the short term is not always the ‘best’ way? To live always by what’s right now in front of our faces and the imperatives of keeping things running smoothly for me and mine, good business, no problems  —  that’s the kind of shopkeeper mentality that got the world into a whole lot of shit back in the day. So, maybe, just maybe, fuck sensible.

Anthony Bourdain

You are sorely missed. Rest in peace, Tony.


#the100dayproject 063/100

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