I am a self-professed meat lover. Some of my favorite food revolves around meat protein. A juice piece of bistecca alla Fiorentina. A hearty bowl of bak kut teh. Crispy Southern fried chicken. Bacon. I salivate just thinking about it all!

As I started efforts to add some muscle on my slight frame, protein is my main focus at each meal. My thinking was I needed to make sure I provide my body with the right muscle building material it needed after my workout. It was hard for me to imagine a meal without some form of animal protein. That changed recently.

gq jared leto.jpgMssr. Jared Leto c/o GQ Style

My recent perspective shift is thanks to this gentleman right here, Jared Leto. I’ve been enamored by his sense of style and his works on the big screen but the thing that strike me about him was the fact that he is forty-six years old when I had always thought he was in his mid-thirties at the very most! That started a bit of an obsession on finding out his life habits for maintaining his youth. And that’s where the vegan diet came into the picture.

He is a self-proclaimed chegan, a vegan who occasionally cheats on desserts made with dairy. That combined with having a straight edge lifestyle despite being in a rock band contributed to his youthfulness. That got the gears in my head spinning and questioning my present beliefs.

As someone I know would say, only a fool would refuse to change her/his mind. Spurred by this, I just started experimenting with eating vegan only for a few days in a week. The first day went well and I am keen to continue this for a while.

Apart from appeasing the narcissist in me, I have always been interested in where my meat comes from and made a point to buy sustainably and ethically raised animals although this is not always available or are normally much more expensive. As a result, I chose to make a compromise. With the vegan diet added to my arsenal of tools however, I now feel empowered to pursue my principle of eating sustainably sourced meat. The strategy is to eat more vegetables and only eat meat occasionally. It’ll be interesting to see the change this presents physically and mentally. I am excited.

Side note, I just learnt that the industry of farming animals for meat is more harmful to our environment even compared to our use of fossil fuel for energy production. There are developments that could change all that though but that’s for another post to come. Stay tuned!

#the100dayproject 062/100

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