star gazing

L1001926aurora x starlight c/o chuen seng teoh

One thing that I will never grow tired of doing is gazing into the depths of the night’s sky and admire the shining stars. In such a moment, my mind is empty as I stare in awe. Whilst absorbed by these lights gazing back down at me, I am always filled with calm and quiet.

Sometimes I would ponder the origins of these stars. Their life probably ended long before mine ever began. It is humbling and a good reminder of where I am in this world and what I should be doing here on Earth. There will be bad days but in the end, we are all trying our best and we can all be kinder. To others, to ourselves.

Growing up in a city doesn’t present the best conditions for stargazing. One thing I have cherished while working on projects abroad is the opportunity to live in small towns where I get to admire the stars in all her splendor.

Even so, there is a place where I would love to visit solely for watching the stars, the Chaco Culture National Historical Park in New Mexico. This particular park has designated the night sky as a critical natural resources and have programs to viewing the night sky in a remote environment with clear, dark skies, and free from urban light pollution, as the Chacoan people did a thousand years ago.

I bet it is an amazing feeling, to be alone, just with the stars.


#the100dayproject 061/100

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