fashion 2.0

M2403404horse lamp bokeh c/o chuen seng teoh

My relationship with fashion and style have changed since I was young. I used to scorn big names brands, not understanding the value they bring. A shirt is a shirt and should not cost ten times more just by slapping a brand label on it. Right?

Well, my thoughts and feelings towards this notion has changed. The fact is that the pieces produced by these popular labels are work of art in their own right, a product of the creative director at the helm of the fashion house, made with high quality material and in limited quantity. While I now appreciate product from some high fashion brands, I am not incline to cover head-to-toe in high fashion. I just find myself less resistant to the idea of owning a few pieces from these brands to compliment my personal style.

Speaking of personal style, the following are a few gentlemen whom I constantly turn to for style inspiration. On ward and forwards towards continued style evolution and refinement.

Paul_Newman_in_Venice,_1963.jpgMssr. Paul Newman

GQ Ryan-Gosling-05.jpgMssr. Ryan Gosling c/o GQ

GQ jared leto.jpgMssr. Jared Leto c/o GQ

gong yoo-7.jpgMssr. Gong Yoo


#the100dayproject 058/100

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