Monocle Quality of Life Conference

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Recently, I’ve signed up for the fourth edition of The Monocle Quality of Life Conference, this year being hosted in Zurich, Switzerland at the end of June 2018. From their conference website:

Ten things you’ll discover

  1. You’ll be challenged and inspired by a host of people who are rethinking schools, parks, tram stations, apartment blocks and urban security.
  2. The city offers key lessons in better living at every turn and we’ll be hearing from the people who make the place tick.
  3. Our base for the conference will inspire anyone in the hospitality, entertainment or retail sectors (a seemly blend of art, architecture and commerce).
  4. We’ve lined up a great list of hotels across a series of categories – plus you’ll be able to walk everywhere.
  5. Pack your trunks: the lake and rivers will be warm and ready for daily run-and-dip sessions.
  6. We’ll be giving more time to the topics of retail and entrepreneurship following your feedback from Berlin.
  7. We will also be expanding our specialist satellite sessions in association with our partners.
  8. One key theme will be ‘made in the city’ and we’ll show you how Zürich keeps manufacturing right at its heart.
  9. Zürich is easy to get to from anywhere in the world – by air, rail or road. For most delegates there’s no excuse: it’s a direct flight.
  10. The mountains are close at hand for an easy escape after our Saturday brunch.

Growing up in a city, I have always felt most at home in a city. In recent times, I have been interested on what makes a city a good place to live. I gained many insights on this from monthly publications from Monocle. From this conference, it is my wish to get first hand interaction with the creatives whose jobs are to make the city a better place to live.

Given the recent change back in my home country, I sincerely hope there will be an increased appetite for well-designed urban development of which I will be able to contribute and be part of. It will be truly fulfilling, to work on transforming my home city Kuala Lumpur with good design, eventually increasing the quality of life in the city.

Full report to come!


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