Food : ChefSteps

jln imbi pork ball noodle c/o chuen seng teoh

Food is one thing that I absolutely love. As a Malaysian, we are born with a natural affinity for good food and are almost religious about it. It is not uncommon to find Malaysians traveling far and wide to a fabled shack serving the best steamed fish on the east coast of Malaysia. And very often, top on our agendas when traveling abroad is “What’s the best food to eat in [insert your favorite foreign city]?”. We are just crazy about it!

As I began living on my own while working abroad, I have started cooking a lot. First for myself and eventually for family and friends. I really enjoy the act of cooking and find it therapeutic. While it can be an art, I find myself attracted to a more scientific method to cooking for guaranteed replicable results reliably.

Which brings me to the team at ChefSteps. They are based out of Seattle and have worked to produced high quality videos breaking down cooking techniques that, with some diligence, can be done at home. One technique in particular is cooking sous vide, where food is cooked in a water bath in a controlled determine, thus ensuring perfectly cooked food without the guess work. Just take a look at the video below and tell me you’re not the slightest bit convinced!

This got me thinking of how this method of cooking can be applied to traditional cuisine in Malaysia. It is something on my list to experiment with the goal of consistently making good food with a reliable method. Exciting days ahead!

#the100dayproject 052/100

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