Meditations on nature

ralswiek c/o chuen seng teoh

I like being in nature. Although, I don’t spend as much time as I should in nature.

When I get my time in nature, I always feel calmed and rejuvenated. The sound of wind in the trees, the soundof life in the forest, waves crashing into shore, these are all but a small sample of how mother nature has her way to soothe the soul.

A walk in nature stimulates the mind as it calms it at the same time. Nature is a perfect environment to meditate on ideas as no idea is truly new after all and mother nature has done it all. By calming the mind, the ideas hidden in our deepest conciousness are allowed to surface.

And no matter how difficult things are in life or unfair it can be, I only need to spend some time in nature to be reminded of her indifference to all my issues and that as life goes on, this too all shall pass. Didn’t get that promotion you thought you deserved? The birds are still singing faithfully each morning without a care in the world. So you forget it all, get back to work and try again.

During recent project assignments, I have been very lucky to live in remote places where I am close to nature – both the coast and the forest. Being raised in the city, I have come to appreciate access to nature. Therefore, I endeavor to choose my future home with proximity to nature. It is too high a cost to pay for not having nature close by after all.

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