Creative Life

M2408187-2.jpgaverøy c/o chuen seng teoh

Something magical happens when creativity is expressed. It gives birth to incredible architecture, emotional art, moving sounds, cosmic expressions, breathtaking science. The list goes on. It is in the very core of us as human beings to create but where does it all come from?

With access to modern tools and platforms for sharing, the barrier to create something and share your labor of love is lower than ever before. In a cruel twist of fate, the abundance in creative work could easily relegate a person to the role of a mere consumer, paralyzed and addicted for more content to satiate the ‘boring life’. We must be wary.

Creativity is something I strive for daily. Be it in art, at work and in life. There is always room for more creativity. We need  to harness and apply it.

We each have our own creative voice but we need silence for it to be heard. Hence I cherish periods of time alone, in silence, trying to coax the voice out. When it does emerge, all I have to do is just get out of the way and let it sing.

Creativity is life. And I cannot imagine life without it.

#the100dayproject 041/100

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