Vinyl music

c/o chuen seng teoh

Today, we live in an age of infinite music streaming where we have access to the world’s audio library at our finger tips. This was what we all dreamt of, to have music where ever you go, in the palm of your hands. Discovery of new sounds and music became a lot easier too, expanding our taste in sound collectively and will surely need to a new sound evolution.

With this achievement, it could’ve been easy to dismiss the viability of past formats like compact discs and cassettes. Which brings me to the resurgence of vinyl records and turntable.

Bulky and unportable, uncrisps sound, expensive, these are all qualities of vinyl record that was the problem with it which the modern day audio streaming service was designed to solve. The vinyl record should’ve died a natural death and claim its place in the annals of history. But it didn’t happen.

Sales of vinyl record is on the rise. Artists are releasing their new work on it. Record pressing studios are hard at work. And I can understand why. Before getting into it myself, I was intrigue by what was said about music on vinyl records. How the sound is warmer and more authentic. Having gotten into it myself now, I am smitten.

For me, listening music on vinyl makes it an event again. Instead of an accompaniment to your workout or work, it returns music to something of its own. I enjoy the ritual of putting on the record and just listen. There is just something visceral and emotional about this. Humans are not ones and zeros after all.

#the100dayproject 037/100

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