Master & Dynamic MA770

images-speaker1_800x800.pngc/o master & dynamic

The MA770 is a speaker designed by architect Sir David Adjaye for Master & Dynamic. In an exploration of premium materials and bold design, the end product is a speaker that is a departure from the standard fare.

images-speaker2_800x800.pngc/o master & dynamic

Made from concrete, a novel material for audio speakers, the shape is designed to work with the new material to achieve superb acoustic.

images-M_D_06_Collage_speakeronshelf.jpgc/o master & dynamic

This speaker is masterclass in executing a design where form meets function. In my opinion, we can never have enough of well-designed items. The thought put into design is a form of expression of our humanity, the pursuit of beauty and compassion.

I wonder if algorithms can produce such work. After all, nature is the master of design, matching form to function flawlessly. If an AI is set to learn this from nature, i can only begin imagining the potential.

For now though, we have the MA770 and I’m excited for that!

#the100dayproject 036/100

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