This is Water


Life is what we make of it. An event is neither good nor bad until we assign an emotion to it. We are the ones who make it good or bad. The asshole who cut you off in traffic? Well he may be a genuine jerk or he is rushing to send his very sick daughter to the hospital.

As we go through our daily life, it is too easy to jump to conclusions about what we experience, often to our detriment. The video below is a commencement speech given by David Foster Wallace to liberty art students and he speaks about the importance of what we think and not just how we think. He uses a brilliant anecdote at the beginning to illustrate how we can miss something when we get use to the status quo.

This reminds me to detach myself from my current reality periodically, to challenge my present view and to be able to see again.

This is water.

#the100dayproject 034/100

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