Where is the rush?

c/o chuen seng teoh

On the drive back home from work today, I stopped at a familiar traffic light, waiting for my turn to go. I was first in line. The right pathway on this particular junction goes through a residential area with higher expected foot traffic and eventually joins the road I would be taking. Whilst I was waiting for the lights to turn, I noticed a car (partially because it was a Porsche) coming up behind me but waited at the lights for the right pathway instead.

I continued on my way and soon I noticed the same Porsche behind me again. Was the driver in a hurry and thought he would gain some time by using an alternative road without another car in front of him? The effort came to naught in the end.

This short episode reminds me to avoid stressing myself out when I am in a hurry because any effort made in this situation would almost certainly return negligible result. The increased in effort put in compared to normal is disporportionate to what is gained. Instead, proceed as usual, suffer the consequence (if any) due to your tardiness and be sure plan ahead next time.

There is no need for rushing.


#the100dayproject 022/100

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