Art of Kintsugi

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In life, we strive for perfection. This could manifest itself in many ways. One simple example is the desire to maintain a youthful, perfect appearance even as we age. Or the obsession to ensure every single step we take in life is safe and predictable to ensure the desired, perfect outcome is achieved.

But we all know life is never straight forward, never perfect. Rather than obsess with perfection, the alternative is to embrace the imperfect for there is beauty in it, if we know how to treat it. This is where Kintsugi shows its relevance.

Kintsugi is a method for repairing broken pottery with lacquer mixed or powdered with gold. Instead of discarding the broken object, repairing with the Kintsugi method often yields aesthetically pleasing result, giving a new life to the object and at the same time enhancing its original beauty.

There is a life lesson here, where instead of worshiping perfection, we could instead revel in the broken and make a new beauty out of it. The video below is a great excerpt on explaining Kintsugi as a life philosophy. Enjoy.


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