Reflections – 22.04.2018

image c/o chuen seng teoh

“Hard choices, easy life. Easy choices, hard life.”

– Jerzy Gregorek

Every day, we are presented with choices. At the moment when we wake up, do we hit the snooze button or get right out of bed. Do we get the work out in before going for work or leave it for later. Do we eat that cake lying temptingly in the pantry or do we walk away. With each one, there’s an easy choice, and there’s the hard choice to be made.

Our lives are a culmination of choices that we make, day after day. Sure, some of us are born with some advantages and privileges, but that can only carry you so far. To make a good life, it is still in our hands to make the right choices.

In my own life, what I have found is that whenever I take the path of resistance, I have only gained from it. Growing up, I was immensely shy. The mere thought of standing alone on stage frightens me. I had a choice, to stay that way or to challenge my fear  and be comfortable with it. I am glad to say that although I still get the jitters before speaking in front of a group, I am now no longer paralyzed by fear. I made the hard choice and am now better for it.

Recent years have been a mix of adventure and personal disappointments. I am privileged to be working in Europe with my present company, learning and growing in real-life situations at work and while living in a foreign country. To adapt, I had to overcome existing personal boundaries and as a result, it has been a tough but enjoyable ride so far.

However, these experiences were thrust upon me and I was forced to swim or risk sinking. When the choice was up to me however, I have more often than not faltered. I failed to accomplish many things that I wanted to do. Like starting this blog for an example. The idea was conceived many moons ago but I kept putting it off for one reason or another. What gives? I took the easy choice. And it hasn’t been fun.

Since the start of 2018, I have been focusing on making more hard choices. For me, some of these include waking up at 0500hrs in the morning, working out daily and blogging daily, among the things I am working on now. By overcoming the tendency to take the easy route, I am began noticing some changes within. Things are starting to happen and I can genuinely say that I’m feeling good about how the year is going. This shall be the year when my long term goals begin materializing.

Hard choice, easy life. Now, your turn.

#the100dayproject 017/100

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