Make Good Art

image c/o chuen seng teoh

One of my favorite author is Neil Gaiman. I was introduced to him through Tim Ferriss a few years ago. His book “The Graveyard Book” is such a delightful story and is best experienced in audio book format, narrated by Gaiman himself.

Here’s Gaiman reading Dr Seuss’s “Green Eggs and Ham”. If you enjoyed this short reading, I can guarantee you will love “The Graveyard Book”.

In 2012, he gave a speech to the University of the arts graduating class of 2012 Philadelphia. Again, it was thanks to Tim that I discovered this speech and I have made it a point to listen to it every now and again. It is a great reminder to me for striving beyond my own beliefs and limitation, to always remember to make the world more interesting for me being here. Enjoy this speech in its entirety below.

And always remember. Make Good Art.

#the100dayproject 016/100

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