Morning Routine – 05 Workout

Working out is an important part of my life. When I workout, I know I feel better and healthier. After a long day’s work, my will does not always cooperate. My monkey brain starts coming up with a million reasons why it’s a NOT good idea to workout. Not a good situation to be in when you’re trying to get stronger. Sometimes work calls and you gotta stay back, or your co-worker asks for an impromptu mid-week cocktail. Basically when I decide to work out in the evening, I am leaving it a lot to chance!

Hence why I prefer to do it in the morning before starting the day. That way I am sure to get my work out in, keep the momentum going before life happens. It is never easy to start in the morning but you just gotta grit your teeth and get the blood flowing. And I know once I get through it, I am rewarded with vigor and vitality. Jocko’s a big help again here. If you ever need some motivation, check out the track below:

#the100dayproject 009/100

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