Morning Routine – 04 Journaling

image c/o chuen seng teoh


Since the start of this year, I have made a habit to write a journal entry daily.  After reading on and experimenting with forms of journaling, I have settled on a format that  combines parts of The Five Minute Journal and the Morning Pages by Julia Cameron.

I start a typical journal entry by recording three things I’m grateful for which can range from simple things like the coffee I’m drinking to the relationships that I have in my life. I then move on to writing a statement of affirmation. And sometimes I would write down three things that, if accomplished, would make the day a success. Again, could be simple stuff or that big challenge you’re finally ready to conquer. Bullet points works bests. This part of the journal

I then move on to some long form writing as per Morning Pages. There are no specific requirements or goals to be achieved from writing. I use this space to reflect on my thoughts, to brain dump anything that has been a thorn in my mind and to rationalize/debate on an idea I have been pondering. This may sound schizophrenic but it is strangely therapeutic. It is amazing what writing your thoughts down on paper can do for you. I don’t have to carry the thoughts with me and can go on with my day with a clearer and focused mind.

All in, it usually takes about 15 minutes tops for me, and that is mainly from the long form writing. Try it out and let me know how it goes or if you have any questions.

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