On Photography

M2403455-2I have always been fascinated by photography since young. The simplicity of pressing the shutter release button and immortalizing a moment forever fills me with joy. As life happened, my relationship with photography has evolved along with it.

In my world today, photography is my respite from day-to-day obligations and duties. Photography has also become the main instrument I use to express my creativity. With high quality cameras on smartphones today, one may question if there is a photo still left to be taken.

Alas, there lies the beauty of photography. What you see can only be seen by you and only you. The image in your mind’s eye combined with the feeling of the moment, urging you to lift the camera, frame the image and finally press the shutter button, it all goes into your photo.

Like a painter creating her art with oil on canvas, photography is painting with light. Getting the right exposure, sharpness, etc. is the easy part. As I gain confidence in my ability to handle my camera technically, I now begin my search for my ‘photo voice’.

In the coming posts, as I feel my way through this act of blogging, I will begin sharing some of my works, past and present, and the stories behind the photos. My hope is through this act of sharing, I will take a step closer and eventually discover my photography.

When you look around today, take a moment to see with your eyes. I guarantee you will find beauty in the mundanity around you. Just like the photo at the start of this post.

#the100dayproject 003/100



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